How to Sell

Create Your Listing (Free of Charge)
There is no charge to register on the website and create your listing. After you login to your account on the website, you can click the Create Listing button and fill out some basic information about your seats. The listing price is ONLY for the PSLs and does not include the cost of any tickets.
Accept Offer
You will receive an email each time a buyer submits an offer on your listing. You will have 48 hours to accept or reject this offer before it expires. When you reject an offer you may submit a counter offer to the buyer. The buyer will have 48 hours to accept this counter offer.
Agree on Ticket Sale (If During the Season)
If you accept an offer during the season or if the tickets have already been issued to you for the upcoming season, we will reach agreement between you and the buyer to determine whether the buyer will purchase any of the remaining tickets from you. When you complete your transfer form you will also be asked to electronically forward your tickets to the Marketplace or the Marketplace will provide contact information for you and the buyer to complete the ticket transfer.
Buyer Submits Payment to Marketplace
After you have accepted the offer, we will email payment instructions to the buyer. We will email you once the buyer has submitted payment.
Complete Transfer Form
Once the buyer has submitted payment, we will email transfer instructions to both you and the buyer. You and the buyer will then individually complete and return the Transfer Form and any other required documentation, including identity verification and taxpayer information.
Marketplace Sends Payment to Seller (Less Seller Fee)
Once the Ticket Office has approved your PSL transfer, we will send payment to you for the sale price less your seller fee. For all transactions on the Marketplace, the account will be transferred into the new owner’s name during the next available transfer window. The Giants maintain transfer windows of February 1 – March 31 and September 15 – October 31.
Sale PriceFee
$0 - $2,500$350
$2,501 - $7,50010% of Sale Price plus $100
$7,501 or greater10% of Sale Price
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